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Thursday, June 30, 2011 talk....mmmm....
Everday we talk about s0mething..
Nice days for today. Next day?? what c0uld happen erkkk.... I dont know..
How about u??

Apa yang ku membebel tetbe nie..
Nie lah padah kalau tidur terlebih2...Kepala biul sudah...Hohoho..
Maaf yer kekawan..erkkk...

some days i want to live
some days i wish it’s over
some days i long to see
some days i wait to die;

some days i think i am fine
some days i believe i have a problem
some days i am strong
some days i am weak;

some days i am closer to truth
some days it seems far far away
some days i think i understand
some days i am just lost;

some days i just wish
everything would disappear
some days i just hope
you could be near;

some days i have a feeling
one day everything
will be alright
and that day is closer
than ever;

p/s: hope tomorrow i will forget about da past...

7:03 AM