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Monday, May 16, 2011

Wah2 dh lama sy x update ini blog ye.
Al maklumlah org bzz...ahakz..

Kebetulan rini sy rajin
ha ni lah nk conteng2 sikit kat blog ni.
Hari ini hari paling bermakna bagi insan yang bergelar

16 MEI adalah tanggal untuk kita memperingati jasa guru2.
Tanpa mereka siapalah kita.
Cikgu saya sayang kamu!

Dear teachers,

 Everytime you say two wrongs don't make a right,
I don't care how others commented on your strictness;
and regardless of how interesting the nickname they give to you,
and how uncomfortable i was when you said
you don't like to teach kinder-garden during my first year,
I think you are a good lecturer to every student.
Thank you for correcting me in a loving way
and make me realise how important for me to phrase simple sentence
and express my ideas effectively.
Thank you madam.

Everytime i attend you lecture,
I ponder how you managed to master the language,
despite not having the advantage during your upbringing.
You are the yardstick and the source of motivation
for me to study the language everyday with consistency,
because we share the same background and determination
With style, wisdom and grace you conduct lectures
Make me fond of Kelantanis most apart from Penangites.
Thank you madam.

Almost everytime when i hear people say
"please, thank you, and sorry"
It reminds me a lecturer who had tears in her eyes
when she tried to give her advice to her students
whom she treated like her sons and daughters
you always touched me in many ways you never know
especially when i incidentally read your article " Guruku dan Pelajar",
Thank you madam, water makes everything alive,
You make my student life alive.
Thank you Madam

Everytime I recall my decision to choose UKM
I know I'd chosen the right universities
because of you and your passion towards teaching throughout life span
I've no regret for the decision that one time I thought It would ruin my life.
Because I know those are the ones I can learn from;
Because of you, I don't afraid of failure, because you said failure is not embarrassing.
Thank you Sir.

Sir and Madam,
You are truly ones to be admired
for you always give more than required.
I just hope whenever I'm
I can embrace your attitude with me.
"Cikgu, your legacy never dies".

Happy Teacher's Day! and Thank you so much.

12:02 AM